Unique and comfortable tents to be suspended on trees through very resistant straps with heavy-duty buckles. They offer our guests the unique opportunity of experiencing the emotion of sleeping elevated from the ground, combining the comfort of a hammock with the security of a tent.
The floor, in reinforced breathable fabrics consists of three spacious bays. Double roof, external waterproof and internal insect mesh.
It offers comfortable place for 3 people. Available on reservation.  see photos    video


  • Experience the unique and unforgettable emotion of sleeping suspended on trees
  • Sleep in the highest comfort with no need of a mattress (a sleeping bag is enough and can be rented at our campsite)
  • Sleep on a dry floor, also in case of rain
  • Be protected from ants and other crawling insects

… and if you enjoyed this experience, your tree tent is also available for sale at our campsite!

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