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These stunning tents are the original replica of the iconic 1965 VW Camper Van, synonymous with 60s counterculture. Impressive waterproof, they are incredibly roomy, comfortably sleeping 3 people within the 2 separated inner rooms, on camping beds. The generous height of the tents also makes it possible to stand up inside. Tent inner has handy storage pockets on the inside walls.  see photos

Tent outer:    3,98 m (l) x 1,87 m (h) x 1,55 m (w)
Tent room 1: 2,13 m (l) x 1.825m (h) x 1,45 m (w)
Tent room 2: 1,75 m (l) x 1.825m (h) x 1,45 m (w)


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